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Dance Treatment

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Dance Treatment Therapy Programs Provide Hope for Better Tomorrows

Movement and dance treatment therapy provides a way to share your story and release your inner emotions. Express yourself while you heal from addiction through the energy and creativity of dance.

While many traditional substance abuse treatments, such as group sessions and one-on-one counseling, are successful for many – not everyone is able to easily discuss their drug and alcohol abuse. Dance and movement are proven effective at breaking down emotional walls and opening the patient up to more active participation in their recovery.

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Opening Up is not Always Easy. For Many – Dance and Movement is

Hi. My name is _____. I am an addict.

Lots of people can go into a group setting and speak these words and open up, without difficulty. However, for many, standing up and saying words such as these to a group (that often consists of total strangers), is nothing less than a complete nightmare.

In order for group and individual counseling to be successful, open communication is necessary. However, we are not all built the same way. This “cookie-cutter” approach to drug and alcohol treatment fails to connect with those who are not so open and ready to discuss this very personal facet of their life.

However, all of us are capable of movement. Even if you are someone that does not consider yourself a “dancer”, moving your body in expressive ways is a great way to release energy and create emotional connections with others.

Dance Treatment

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It’s All About Awareness

Movement and dance treatment therapy helps patients become aware of their self-limitations and what they can – and cannot control. This type of treatment allows the person to process their internal and sensory experiences, and recognize how their behavior impacts their external surroundings.

Being fully-immersed in what they are experiencing at that moment, in the “here and now”, provides a calming sense of control.

Movement Therapy is Not Only About Dance

Successful movement therapy does not mean the person HAS to dance. It’s about connecting with an inner impulse and taking these emotions and bringing them to life through movement.

Alcohol and drug rehab is customized to your personal needs at All About Recovery. While our programs include the traditional treatment methods, such as individual counseling, group counseling, medical detox, and aftercare – we also use creative holistic therapies, such as dance, art, video, photography, and music.
Does dance and movement therapy sound like a good fit for you? Maybe you are interested in one of our other creative addiction therapies. Either way, we are here to talk to you. Take the first step to wellness by calling us now at (888) 712-8480.


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