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Alcohol Addiction Rehab

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Restore Your Life. Yourself. Your Relationships – With Holistic Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Your life. Your family members’ lives. Your children’s lives. Your spouse’s life. All these lives deserve freedom from the chains of alcoholism with the help of our alcohol addiction rehab.

Alcohol dependence is powerful and takes hold of all aspects of the patient’s life from their physiological health to their mental well-being. Furthermore, matters of finance and personal relationships also suffer from the crippling effects of the user’s drinking problem.

Empower yourself and get back your strength, confidence, and self-worth by taking your alcohol recovery into your own hands. All About Recovery is here for you so you don’t have to fight this battle alone. With the right tools, you can win this battle. Our holistic approach to alcohol addiction rehab addresses your clinical symptoms while providing ways to express your emotions and deal with feelings through creative outlets such as dance, music, art, and photography.

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An Alcoholism Treatment Program Created Just for You

If you have tried alcohol rehabilitation in the past and failed – don’t give up. It was probably not your fault.

The truth is that most alcohol addiction rehab programs are out-of-the-box solutions that do not take into consideration your unique situation. Every patient deals with their own daily struggles. Treatment programs that fail to address people as individuals – rather a collection of symptoms – are simply set up for failure.

All About Recovery uses holistic alcohol addiction rehab treatment for patients that come to us for help with their drinking problem. Our approach opens doors for patients to explore the root cause of their alcoholism and resolve any abuse or trauma that may trigger the alcohol use – and resolve these issues. Furthermore, we offer intensive outpatient therapy that is proven to be more effective for long-term sobriety.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Don’t Suffer. Get the Help You Need… NOW

Your future is not yet decided. You don’t have to end up like other addicts you know that wound up incarcerated. On the streets. Dead.

All About Recovery is ready to empower you or your loved one with our drug and alcohol recovery services.
It’s your life. Take it back by calling us now: (888) 712-8480.

Your Alcohol Recovery is Our Mission.

Together, We can Make it Happen.

Maybe you feel like you’re in too deep. Or that’s there’s no way out of your alcoholism. Trust us. For the alcoholic person, these thoughts are common and feel so real. But we are here to tell you, that’s not the case. You CAN QUIT.

You have hope. You have a future. Your story has not yet been written and you hold the power to author your own success story.

All About Recovery is here to help you realize your potential and empower you to take your life back. Your relationships back. We provide the traditional recovery services such as group therapy, counseling, inpatient/outpatient rehab, in addition to holistic therapies, including:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Painting
  • Photography

Take Your Life Back. For Good. With Holistic Alcohol Rehab that Prepares You for Sober Living

When an alcoholic person overcomes their addiction, they will be left with a sea of feelings, and will need creative outlets to let their emotions flow. Furthermore, because alcohol is such a big part of the life of the patient, once they give this up, they will need new interests and passions to replace that habit.

If you do not address the root causes of your drinking and understand your triggers, you will be less prepared to fight off the possibility of relapse. Unlike other drugs, alcohol is present in everyday situations. We understand that patients are going to face contact with alcohol on a regular basis in their daily recovery. We are here to prepare you with coping skills and techniques to help you avoid relapse. Call us today (888) 712-8480, and take the first step toward taking your life back.


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