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Your Transition after Treatment: Sober Living Programs

//Your Transition after Treatment: Sober Living Programs

More often than not, individuals will leave their home state to find drug addiction treatment. It’s often suggested that the individual is removed from the environment that they were actively using drugs in so that they have a better chance to reinvent a lifestyle that supports sobriety. This way, they can actively focus on their commitment to recovery and be exposed to fewer triggers and cravings that their past environment may display. Once a stay at residential treatment concludes, it’s usually in the individual’s best interest to continue to stay away from the environment of past addictive behavior and continue with less intensive treatment. But if residential treatment concludes and individuals are not in their hometown, where will they stay? Sober living programs offer housing and support for individuals who wish to continue their recovery journey and invest in their sobriety.

What are Sober Living Programs Like?

Sober living programs are a great benefit to individuals who have just concluded a stay in residential treatment because it allows them to assimilate back into society while still focusing on sobriety. Sober living homes, or halfway houses, require that individuals sleep at the establishment. However, during the day, individuals can attend meetings, go to school, or go to work. Rushing back into a previous environment can put newly gained sobriety at risk for a number of reasons, and sober living programs greatly reduce this risk by offering accountability for actions. Each sober living facility has a curfew to ensure the safety of all individuals who are living there currently and also to encourage the accountability to remain sober. Along with accountability, sober living environments offer support from peers and counselors that have experience with recovery. This will allow you friendships when times get hard throughout recovery and an empathetic ear.

Preventing Relapse in Early Recovery

Undoubtedly, the main benefit of sober living programs is to help prevent relapse in the days of early recovery. Did you know that the majority of overdose deaths occur within the first few days after treatment? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), residential treatment should last no shorter than 90 days. For many, 90 days is simply too long to go without work or family, so a 30 or 60-day stay is chosen instead. When this route is decided upon, it is highly suggested that the individual attends further treatment including outpatient and sober living programs. This is because the less treatment an individual addicted to drugs receives, the higher the chance for a relapse. Without learning, practicing, and developing relapse prevention strategies with intensive aftercare programs like sober living, individuals are exposed to higher risks for relapsing, overdosing, and dying.

Should I Choose a Gender Specific Sober Living Environment?

The sober living programs of All About Recovery located in Palm Beach County are gender specific. This means that housing is either meant for either males or female residents. The benefits of this far outweigh the negatives, as coed housing poses risks for triggers to relapse. In studies conducted on sober living residents, it has been found that both women and men are more expressive in sober living activities like group therapy sessions because they feel more comfortable around peers of their own sex. This may be due to comparing experiences associated with each sex. Also, it is generally recommended that individuals throughout early recovery should stay away from forming romantic relationships. Getting sober is going to make you experience all kinds of emotions, and mixing those up with even more confusing emotions can be overwhelming. Additionally, romantic involvement can deter individuals from staying focused to their sobriety commitments.

Want to Learn More about our Sober Living Programs?

Have you recently finished a stay at a residential facility or want to learn more about our sober living programs? You can find out more about all of the programs and services that we offer at All About Recovery right on our website. Choosing to stay at a sober living facility will allow you to assimilate back into society safely, effectively, and sober. In the end, we want you to achieve long-term recovery, and we know how to get you there! Have questions about our facility? Give us a call to speak to one of our admissions specialists at 888-712-8480. Begin your journey to recovery now!

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