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The Cost of Rehab Doesn’t Need To Be Intimidating

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Understanding The Cost of Rehab

The cost of rehab can sound like a daunting obstacle between your loved one and the treatment they need. Understanding the total out of pocket commitment is a crucial deciding factor for many parents considering rehab programs for their loved ones. Many factors influence the total cost of rehab, including the level of medical and clinical care, amenities offered and length of stay. Most private health insurances cover the full cost of treatment, and verifying your benefits is a free and easy process. If you are uninsured or have a policy that does not cover substance abuse treatment, many rehab centers will work with you according to your financial obligations on a payment plan to help support you with your treatment.

DETOX: Inpatient rehabs include detox in the cost of the comprehensive treatment program. Cost of detox is determined by whether detox is a part of inpatient program and the type of addiction that is being treated. Substances that have more severe withdrawal symptoms will require a longer stay in detox for more medical monitoring. This will make the cost of detox higher. Detox can range anywhere from $1,000- $5,000.

INPATIENT REHAB: Treatment centers throughout the nation often cost up to $24,000. For well-known treatment centers, 30-day programs can be pricey. 60-90 day programs even pricier. For people who require 60-90 day treatment programs, the average cost can be anywhere between $12,000 to $60,000.

OUTPATIENT REHAB: Outpatient programs are less expensive than inpatient rehab, depending on the severity of the addiction. Many can cost up to $5,000 for a 90-day program. More expensive outpatient programs can cost $10,000. The cost of outpatient treatment depends on how often the client attends clinical therapy each week.

MEDICATION ASSISTED TREATMENT: The medications needed according to the treatment plan affects the price of rehab. Some people do not need medication assisted treatment for their addiction. Medications can be helpful in treating alcohol and opioid addictions. Medications can come with a hefty price tag— methadone treatment for opioid and heroin users can cost around $4,500.


Why is treatment expensive?

Many people are hesitant to admit to treatment because of the cost of treatment. Treatment is not nearly as expensive as an active addiction when looking at life objectively. The cost of unemployment, legal problems, price of drugs and health issues have a serious impact on income and will end up being much less expensive than continuing to use. A legitimate treatment center that employs accredited and experienced staff will be able to address an individuals needs according to their drug use history. There are many behind-the-scene factors that play into a qualified treatment center that actually functions to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

Clinical: Addiction is more than just a physical disease. It affects the addict on an emotional and mental level. A treatment centers that staffs licensed therapists who address the underlying issues behind substance abuse can help individuals treat the disease as a whole rather than just the substance use.

Medical: A medical doctor is required to assess each individual who comes into treatment and treat those who come in as Dual-Diagnosis. Psychiatric medications can help alleviate painful withdrawal symptoms that affect individuals on a mental level. Medical doctors must meet with clients weekly to assess growth and progress.

Operations: The behavioral health technicians can make or break a treatment center. They are the most involved with clients’ day-to-day activities. People fresh out of active addiction can feel very vulnerable and disconnected. An experienced BHT will be encouraging and be able to engage clients.

Housing: The sober living residence plays a big role in a client’s treatment. Many clients seeking treatment out of state need proper housing once they reach the outpatient level of care. Treatment centers that offer safe and comfortable housing for clients provide the foundation of a structured environment necessary for treatment.

Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol treatment is a healthcare facility that most private health insurance carriers cover to some extent. There are thousands of types of health insurances, each with its own benefits plan. If the person seeking treatment is currently covered under a private health insurance, their out of pocket cost of rehab could be little to none. Learning your options and understanding your coverage is as easy as one call. Our experienced benefits verification team at All About Recovery will work with you and help you understand your coverage and your options moving forward.

Treatment at All About Recovery

At All About Recovery, we address the addiction issues by focusing on the addictive behaviors and also offer solutions to subsidiary problems. We understand addiction is a social disease that affects all aspects of routine life, including family, social and work relationships. Using pharmacological and several behavioral methods, we provide treatment for clients in a comfortable and safe environment structured for healing the person as a whole.

The national average cost of treatment starts at $24,000. Naturally, this number can seem daunting to families that don’t have such a large sum of money laying around. We understand that. At the core of our mission is making drug & alcohol treatment available to anyone who needs it, regardless of their financial situation.

While making our program highly affordable, we do not sacrifice the quality of client care we provide. In every aspect from clinical, medical, operations and housing, we have highly qualified staff ensuring that each clients individualized treatment plan is executed with compassion and care.

Cost of Rehab at All About Recovery

A full stay including a medically monitored detox will be less than $15,000 at All About Recovery. We have worked tirelessly to design a program that still exceeds industry standards yet is cost effective to run. Our intimate, family environment allows us to provide extremely personalized care, starting with working closely with families of prospective clients to make financial arrangements that is feasible for them. We don’t want financials stopping anybody from getting the help they so deserve. Assessed on a need-only basis, we have alternative payment options for those that cannot afford our program pricing.

Partial Rehab Scholarships

Based on availability of beds, All About Recovery offers partial scholarships to help uninsured clients get to treatment. With the national average of $24,000, the cost of rehab can be debilitating for someone who needs the help but cannot afford it. Even with our affordable pricing at All About Recovery, we understand not every family is in a position to afford the full cost. We have reserved “partial scholarships,” where the facility funds half of the cost of a full-term program. Call today to see if you or your loved one qualify for a partial scholarship.

Addiction Treatment Payment Plans

In order to provide families with as many options as possible so they feel comfortable about their loved one in treatment, All About Recovery works with My Treatment Lenders to give our clients an option to get the resources they need to get immediate help. Your first step is as simple as a call to learn your options. We want to make sure you feel confident in your informed decision in choosing a treatment center.

All About Recovery has addiction counselors standing by to help you get your loved one to immediate help. One call for more information could change your life. Reach out today.

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