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Sober Living

Sober living is an important part of the recovery process because it allows addicts to live in a safe and supported environment while they heal. It can be a challenge for a recovering addict to return back to their old home where they previously drank or got high without relapsing. Our men and women-specific Palm Beach sober living programs offer a clean, safe place for people to live with their peers and re-integrate into regular life, sober.

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Our Palm Beach Sober Living Housing

Did you know that only 20% of individuals remain sober after their first year in recovery? Early recovery is a vital but crucial time that needs to be optimized! Instead of throwing what you have just learned in treatment away by returning to an environment that not only encourages but enables drug or alcohol use, consider spending time in a sober living environment. Sober living provides an alternative to living at home where you are reminded of your past with drug or alcohol abuse. This keeps you away from triggers that may potentially be a threat to your sobriety like people you once used with, places you once used at, and situations that may encourage you to use. Also, sober living homes keep you emerged within a supportive community that encourages your sobriety and recovery journey all while providing you with the same amenities and care that you received during treatment.

Why Gender-Specific?

Our Palm Beach sober living housing is gender-specific, meaning that they are not co-ed facilities. This is for the comfort of our patients as they can be assured privacy. Additionally, gender-specific homes eliminate potentially dangerous distractions that are provided by the opposite sex. Men and women that spend time living in our sober living environments are encouraged to develop supportive relationships with each other, and gender-specific facilities allow them to do so without a romantic factor that can be distracting from the overall goals in early recovery.


Addiction affects everyone differently, and there are certainly cases where patients simply are not ready to be reassimilated back into their old lives. Additionally, the path of drugs or alcohol can take the homes from treatment patients. For these scenarios, sober living is a perfect option for housing after treatment concludes. But, aftercare options are even encouraged to those that are confident in their ability to stay sober once treatment ends. This is because 30 or even 90 days of treatment is simply not enough to provide a person with all of the knowledge they need for a lifetime free from drug or alcohol addiction. All of the aftercare opportunities through All About Recovery include an aspect that focuses on relapse prevention. Since relapse rates are so high in early recovery, it is vital to understand how to best prevent a relapse that could lead to an overdose death. During these sessions, patients in the sober living program will be provided with the knowledge of how to cope with relapse triggers, weigh the consequences of relapse, and identify scenarios that could be threatening to the journey of recovery.

Leaving a life where addiction recovery is the number one priority to return to a life that enabled your drug or alcohol addiction can change things in a heartbeat. Treatment provides you with a community full of supportive members that all want the same thing; a life free from addiction. Stepping back into an old environment that reminds you of your old addictive behaviors can be a trigger to relapse without the support that is necessary for your recovery success. Choosing sober living once treatment concludes ensures that you will be continually supported and guided in the early days of your recovery journey. Support is vital to the success of an individual in recovery because it allows for that individual to relate to others. Also, it provides a shoulder to cry on and an ear to talk to. This may not seem like much, but to a recovering addict that is still learning how to handle emotions without drugs or alcohol; it means the world.

Along with providing you with further knowledge that will help you on your journey for long-term recovery success, sober living options allow you to be prepared more for what is next. Men and women enrolled in the sober living program will be able to utilize career building services that allow them to focus on job opportunities that can propel them into a life of success. Instead of trying to make opportunities out of nothing or from an environment that has previously led to you using drugs or alcohol, you have the option to utilizing the tools provided to you through All About Recovery! We not only want to help our patients live a life free from addiction, but we also want to see our patients create new lives that point them in the direction of success and contentment. The men and women sober living facilities can set you up for that success by providing you with a stepping stone, or pathway, from treatment to your new life.


Men’s Sober Living

We believe that gender-specific recovery is vital to growing in health and sobriety. Our men’s sober living offers a safe and clean place to live while you get back on your feet.

Women’s Sober Living

Women have a whole separate set of issues from men in recovery, and we believe that keeping treatment separate is the best way to address those needs.


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