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All About the Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and All About Recovery is a vigorous treatment program designed to help an addict sober up and learn to live in recovery. Intensive treatment is important in the beginning of recovery because it keeps addiction on the forefront of an addict’s mind. Additionally, they will go through group and individual therapy daily to address their needs and concerns as they arise. We understand how crucial those first few days and weeks of recovery are, and our dedicated staff is equipped to deal with all of the hurdles that may come up. Each client is treated individually and a specific course of treatment is built just for them. We take the time to lead our clients from the moment they reach out for help, through treatment, and into their aftercare plan. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a process that requires a multi-fold approach.

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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is a type of treatment program that involves all the aspects of addiction treatment except for residential treatment. Residential treatment programs are options that require that patients do not leave the campus that the facility resides upon, and live at the facility until the treatment course concludes. All About Recovery offers the IOP so that our patients have the option of when they would like to focus on their addiction treatment daily. This gives them the chance to continue to take care of responsibilities outside of treatment, rather than put their lives on hold like they would have to with a residential program. Individuals who enroll in the Intensive Outpatient Program are encouraged to go to school, retain a job, and tend to daily responsibilities that they could not tend to if attending a residential facility. This option to treatment makes it possible to provide for your daily needs as well as your need for a new, healthy, addiction-free lifestyle. Additionally, since addiction affects each person individually, the time frame, therapies, and techniques used throughout treatment will vary from patient to patient. The IOP provides a more flexible approach to addiction treatment because it can be tailored to each individual more than a residential program would.

Patients who are enrolled in the Intensive Outpatient Program will be introduced to:

  • 12 Step Programs

  • Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Recognizing Triggers and Cravings
  • Education on Addiction
  • The Importance of Spirituality during Recovery
  • Family Education and Counselling Programs
  • Individualized and Group Therapy Sessions
  • Alternative Approaches to Addiction Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Useful Coping Mechanisms
  • Effective Communication Techniques

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Right for Me?

Intensive Outpatient Programs treat individuals who are struggling with an addiction to prescription medications, illicit drugs, alcohol and other forms of addiction. Initial assessment of addiction history, psychological health, and clinical research will help the case managers at All About Recovery determine which course of addiction treatment is right for you. Sometimes, an IOP is not the first choice of treatment if the individual requires medical detox and residential treatment for an addiction that is severe enough to cause aggressive withdrawal symptoms. Intensive Outpatient Programs are perfect for patients who are looking to scale down their addiction treatment from a residential facility or detox program or for patients who have already finished treatment elsewhere and are looking for a family of support. Often times the course of treatment that a patient desires are not the one that a case manager suggests, so it is important to be open about treatment and the programs that are offered to benefit your health. Without a clinical, psychological, and historical assessment, you cannot be sure which form of treatment is best for you.

Dual Diagnosis Approach to the Intensive Outpatient Program

All About Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program in the West Palm Beach area needs to be able to cater to those addicted to drugs or alcohol who also have a concurring mental illness. Almost half of the patients that seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction have a mental illness as well. Whether the mental illness or addiction came first, they both need to be addressed during treatment for the best chance of recovery success. When an individual is affected by both addiction and mental illness simultaneously, they are considered dual diagnosis patients. Dual diagnosis is addressing both ailments concurrently throughout addiction treatment so that mental illness can be managed and does not cause eventual relapse post treatment. All About Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program includes a Dual Diagnosis approach for those that suffer from both mental illness and addiction.

The Intensive Outpatient Program can be a vital aspect in attaining a life free from drugs and alcohol addiction. It provides patients who wish to be free from the cycle of addiction with the support that they need while also allowing them to attend to their daily responsibilities. If you think that the IOP is the right choice for your addiction treatment needs, contact us at All About Recovery to schedule the assessment that will allow us to create a comprehensive and individualized approach to addiction treatment specifically for you!



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