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The Support of A Family Recovery Program

The effects of addiction have an impact on everyone in an addict’s life, especially family. At All About Recovery, we know addiction is a family disease and it isn’t only the addict that needs help getting through the mess of addiction and into recovery. Our family recovery program offers support to every member of an addict’s family. Family members of people in addiction suffer through turmoil, pain, fear, and sadness while watching their loved one suffer. They may also feel a deep sense of mistrust and anger towards the person. Part of healing the addicted person is healing the family so that feelings of resentment don’t carry over into recovery.

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From intervention to being involved with the addict’s treatment plan to getting therapy and counseling of their own, we believe that healing an addict must include healing the people that are closest to them. The staff at All About Recovery works closely with family members by keeping them in the loop about their loved one’s progress, leading discussions with the addict and their family, and giving the family resources of their own so that they can continue to heal and grow stronger. Addiction can be incredibly difficult to comprehend for people who aren’t suffering from it themselves. All About Recovery wants to educate families about addiction so that we empower them to heal together as a unit through our family recovery program.



Coaching family members and loved ones on how to most efficiently intervene with an addict is important to the treatment process.

Family Education

The more that families can be informed about their loved one’s addiction and how to cope, the stronger they can be and the higher the success rate of recovery.

Family Therapy

All About Recovery provides family therapy as part of our treatment model to benefit the addict along with their loved ones.


External resources provide increased knowledge and support for drug and alcohol addiction.


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