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Promote Long-Term Recovery

All About Recovery understands that rehab is only just the beginning of recovery, and a long-term recovery care plan is essential. The more time a person can devote to their recovery, the better chance they have of sustaining it. We begin working on our client’s aftercare plans for recovery as soon as we begin working together. We take into account the client’s individual circumstances and personal life so that we create a realistic care plan they can follow while re-integrating back into living life, sober.

Consistency Is Key

Choices for aftercare vary depending on a patient’s needs. We recommend that everyone give as much time and effort into their recovery as possible and slowly taper down as time passes and the client has more sober time behind them. Aftercare is meant to reduce chances of drug or alcohol relapse, and to allow the client to continue working on any issues they may have, and keep them connected to a sober support network so that they have the best chance at long-term recovery. The amount of time spent in long-term recovery is ultimately up to the client, but the more time they can spend, the better.

Taking Everything Into Account

In order to achieve sobriety, a person must continue to make their recovery a top priority. From medication and therapy to AA or NA meetings and yoga classes, All About Recovery strives to come up with aftercare plans that will best fit that person’s needs, schedule, and lifestyle. At the client’s discretion, we involve appropriate friends and family to ensure that there is a network of people working together to help them out of addiction. Recovery is a process. All About Recovery is here to see that you or your loved one get the help they need, for as long as they need it, as much as they need it.


Relapse Prevention

All About Recovery works with our clients to take all precautionary measures possible to prevent relapse way before it starts.

Family Support

We offer family support through our family recovery program because we know that family members need support as much as the addict in treatment does.

AAR Alumni

We offer all of our clients access to our alumni program so that they can stay in touch with peers and continue to receive addiction and recovery support.


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