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Five Definite Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

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Many people debate going to substance abuse treatment for weeks, months, or years, even when they blatantly need it. Often, this decision can unfortunately, cost them their life if they wait too long. A person doesn’t need to hit rock bottom to go to rehab. The best thing you can do is seek treatment before you hit your lowest low.

Don’t Ignore These Signs That Substance Abuse Treatment is Needed

Addiction is different for everyone, but there are common signs and symptoms that no one should ignore. If a person experiences any of these, it is important to look for help as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this list encompasses all substances. It is never ok to use illegal street drugs, even if you think you are doing so in moderation. Even if you are, the moderation will likely not last.

Guilt over your drug or alcohol use. Feeling bad about the amount you are drinking or using drugs is one of the first signs something is really wrong. This may occur even before other people recognize your problem, but you are starting to feel like it’s consuming you. You may be drinking or using secretly and lying to loved ones about your use. This is a fragile stage spent balancing between disgrace and denial.

Drinking or using drugs in inappropriate settings. You may suddenly find yourself having the urge to drink or get high before work or school. Or, before a child’s birthday party. Wherever it may be, you are not drinking or using drugs socially, rather you are doing so to fill a void, numb your feelings, or ease social anxiety.

Getting your hands on your drink or drug of choice is the first thing you think of when you wake up. If you think you can’t get out of bed or make it through your day without your substance of choice, there is a serious problem at hand. This means you have officially crossed into dependence, and both your body and mind have been tricked into thinking they need that substance to survive.

Running into problems with the law. While DUIs are scarily common, they usually happen when someone is taking their drinking problem too lightly. Most people with common sense known that it isn’t appropriate to drive after ingesting alcohol. With drugs, it is a little different. Getting caught for drugs means you are engaging in illegal activity in order to get high. Either way, this signifies a problem.

Drinking or getting high is your number one priority. As people get more and more addicted, they will let other hobbies and responsibilities fall to the wayside. Instead of taking part in activities or social events they used to enjoy, they would prefer to stay home and use. They also may slack on paying essential bills in order to have money for their habit.

There are many signs that substance abuse treatment is necessary, but these are some of the biggest ones. Getting sober isn’t easy, but it is worth it. It may be the difference between life or death.

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