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Drug Addiction Awareness with the Art for Hope Tour

/, Recovery/Drug Addiction Awareness with the Art for Hope Tour

If you have joined us at The Art of Recovery Film Festival in Lake Worth July 7-9, we want to thank you for coming out and supporting your recovery community in our efforts to spread awareness about recovery and addiction. Although we made a huge impact in coming together to spread support and hope for those who need it, we are far from done. Our nation is still being affected by the opioid epidemic daily. Families are being ripped apart, doctors are over prescribing medications, and our government has done little to provide effective options for a way out of this crisis. It’s time that we, All About Recovery, and our local recovery community team up to support the individuals and organizations working to spread the awareness of this epidemic and get the effective support from the government we need to end this tragic and terrifying event.

The Art for Hope Tour and FED UP!

Manny Mendez, founder and artist of the Art of Recovery Exhibit and Film Festival, is offering presentations throughout South Florida to gain sponsorship for a mission of drug addiction awareness. He plans to team up with FED UP!, a coalition in response to the inaction of the United States government as it relates to the opioid epidemic. FED UP! Has been organizing peaceful rallies in Washington D.C. to spread awareness and gain support for their efforts, as well as get the attention of officials who are not fulfilling their career potential in helping our country’s population end the problem with opioid addiction. Mendez’ Art for Hope Tour will end with a trip to Washington D.C. on August 31st, Overdose Awareness Day, to get involved with the efforts of FED UP! The event will include a press conference at the National Press Club, networking luncheon, candlelight vigil to honor those we have lost, and finally an opioid march to the White House.

Sponsorship for The Art for Hope Tour Drug Addiction Awareness Project

All About Recovery believes that addiction is a disease and not a choice. But, the recovery community does have a choice, right now, to make an effort to help break the harmful stigmas of addiction and raise our voices in awareness about the opioid epidemic. Not for our own honor, but for those we’ve lost, the individuals who have lost loved ones, and those who are struggling, unable to get the help they need to gain successful recovery. Join us in our sponsorship for The Art for Hope as one of our own recovery locals, Manny Mendez, brings the hope that his project spreads to so many in South Florida to the FED UP! rally in Washington D.C.

If you would like to help sponsor The Art for Hope Tour and the FED UP! Coalition and their mission to spread drug addiction awareness, you can purchase one of the presentations Manny Mendez is offering to organizations throughout South Florida. A presentation includes:

Display of some art presented at The Art of Recovery Festival in Lake Worth, along with Mendez’s piece going to be presented at the FED UP! Rally in D.C.
Presentation of the Art of Recovery Film Festival “Best Community Service” award winning documentary, “The Art of Recovery”
An hour presentation of sharing testimonials and interview with Manny Mendez and Vic James, co-founders of the Art of Recovery Exhibit
Sponsorship recognition at the FED UP! Event in Washington D.C. on August 31, along with marketing opportunities throughout the presentation

The presentation will last around 2 ½ hours and donation value is $1,500. If you or your organization would like to put on the Art of Hope Tour Presentation, visit the Steve Rummler Hope Network website, which is the government sponsor for the FED UP! Coalition. You can place your presentation donation there, and contact Manny Mendez to schedule the event. Or, if you would simply like to donate the amount of your choosing without putting on the presentation event, you can do that as well! Your donations will go straight toward the efforts of FED UP! And their rally on August 31, as well as The Art for Hope Tour.

The Art of Recovery Spreading Drug Addiction Awareness in Washington D.C.!

We are proud and excited to announce our involvement in The Art of Hope Tour along with the FED UP! Coalition’s rally on Washington D.C. As well as sponsorship, we will be driving our recreational vehicle on the tour! Join us in our efforts to spread awareness for the hope that individuals should have for recovery and the battle to put an end to the opioid epidemic today!

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