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The Importance of Drug Abuse Awareness for Kids and Teens

//The Importance of Drug Abuse Awareness for Kids and Teens

Children are the future of our world and their knowledge should be something that we all invest into. Proper education about substance abuse is a crucial preventative measure for kids and teenagers. When adults share factual information about substance abuse, it helps kids develop a better sense of drug abuse awareness. Without proper educational measures about the harmful effects of drugs, kids may develop increased risks for becoming curious about drugs, falling prey to peer pressure, and try drugs themselves. When kids experiment with drugs it places them in a high-risk category for developing eventual drug tolerance, dependence, and addiction.

What is Drug Abuse Awareness?

Drug abuse awareness is an understanding of:
— what exactly substance abuse is
— what substance abuse does and what the risks are
— how substance abuse can lead to the development of an addiction
— how to recognize warning signs of addiction
— what kinds of consequences addiction can have
— what to do and how to help if a friend or a family member has an addiction

This subset of substance abuse education benefits everyone, but instilling a sense of drug abuse awareness in children in particular drastically reduces the chances that they try drugs at all. Additionally, helping teens to better understand the full impact of drug use can lower their risk of addiction as well as give them information to share with friends and family.

Substance Abuse Education

The primary objective of substance abuse education is to spread drug abuse awareness. It usually begins with parents educating their children at home and, as time passes, becomes part of the school curriculum for teenagers.

When increasing drug abuse awareness, it’s important to gather and share information about all kinds of drugs, regardless of what the perceived risk of addiction is. Some people believe that heroin, cocaine, and meth are more addictive with more serious consequences, but the truth is that drugs like marijuana can be just as addictive and just as dangerous. It is important for people of all ages recognize the potential damage that any drug can cause; not only to the body but also to the mind.

Outside of teaching the basics, substance abuse education can also provide information on what to do and how to show support when a friend or family member is going through rehabilitation. Additionally, substance abuse education may also provide information about addiction treatment, what it entails, and what the potential outcomes are to prepare everyone involved in the recovery process.

A Word of Caution

When gathering information to raise drug abuse awareness, be sure to look at state or government resources for the most up-to-date, research-based substance prevention information.

Research-based Prevention Programs

With an abundance of internet resources all claiming different facts and figures, finding reliable information about drug abuse to implement in prevention programs is especially important. When substance use prevention programs are well-researched, they are more likely to be implemented by schools and communities, thus reducing the rates of drug abuse and addiction, especially among kids and teens.

Can These Programs Really Prevent Drug Abuse Among Kids and Teens?

A broad range of substance use prevention programs exist, and they all have the potential to prevent adolescent drug abuse. In fact, studies have shown that many research-based substance use prevention programs can even significantly reduce early tobacco use among kids and teens. One such study was NIDA’s Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders, which can be found here.

Drug Abuse Awareness Today

We live in a world where addiction is as much a trend as a disease. Statistics show that death by overdose has been steadily increasing since the early 2000’s. By raising drug abuse awareness and backing it with irrefutable facts, we can fight this statistic through the implementation of prevention programs for impressionable kids and teens. For those of you currently struggling with a substance abuse problem, it isn’t too late. There is hope for individuals who are already consumed by the cycle of addiction through methods used in addiction treatment. If you or someone you know has an addiction, please call All About Recovery at 888-712-8480. Recovery is possible, and so is addiction prevention with the use of educational drug abuse awareness methods.

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