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Does Addiction Treatment Work?

//Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Does Addiction Treatment Work?

It is important for people choosing a treatment center to have a measure of official accreditation, like Joint Commission accreditation, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, state licensure and certifications.  One of the most frequent questions asked by parents is, “does addiction treatment work?” Seek a program that utilizes a full medical detox, if necessary and that has 24-hour medical staff in the beginning phases of treatment. Dual-diagnosis treatment is helpful for most people, especially if they may have an undiagnosed co-occurring psychiatric issue.

Accredited treatment centers are required to demonstrate high quality programs and customized treatment for every individual. Most addiction treatment centers have three levels of care, and lasting sobriety depends on which of all the phases an individual attends. These phases of treatment include: 

DETOX: The cost of detox can range anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000. One out of three clients who admit to detox actually complete this first phase of treatment, of which 17% actually remain sober.

INPATIENT REHAB: Inpatient rehabs throughout the nation can cost up to $24,000. Bigger treatment centers can be even more expensive for a 30-day program. The longer the treatment plan, the more expensive. Studies have shown that the longer the treatment plan, the higher the success rate. With most inpatient rehabs, about three out of four clients successfully complete treatment, of which 21% actually remain sober beyond treatment.

OUTPATIENT REHAB: Outpatient programs are far less expensive than inpatient rehabs and cost $5,000 for a 90-day program. Two out of every five addicts see outpatient treatment through, of which 18% remain sober.

Is Drug Treatment Worth its Price?

For those using substances with severe addictions, the cost of purchasing drugs can range from $50-$1,000 a day—depending on the substance. This is just the expense of the drugs, it is not an overall cost of addiction. Drug addiction can result in missed payments, foreclosures, late fees, unpaid debts and repossessions. Addiction treatment not only saves lives, but also encourages harm reduction and other unnecessarily incurred charges that come along with drug use.

The cost of an addiction far outweighs the cost of drug and alcohol rehab. Paying for addiction treatment is paying for a family member’s life on top of all the overwhelming financial and health problems that resonate from active addiction. Addiction treatment can sound scary when looking at numbers, but overall, it is a treatment that is designed to work for a lifetime.

What Does Treatment Cover?

Comprehensive drug treatment extends far beyond just sobriety. There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of treatment. These include improvements in:

Relapse Prevention- On top of total abstinence from substance use with reduced drug cravings.

Reduced Drug Use- If clients struggle with total abstinence, treatment can help clients use smaller amounts less frequently.

Healthier and Stronger Relationships- With family, friends, spouse and colleagues.

Legal Status- Displayed by decreases in the number of crimes committed, fewer charges and arrests.

Mental Health and Wellbeing- Overall improvement in mood and behavioral changes can improve cognitive levels and reduce manic states.

Education and Employment- Productivity as a member of society including working more days and attending classes/ achieving better grades.

Public Welfare- Reduction in drug-related accidents such as DUI’s, accidents and physical and mental trauma.

Real, effective treatment will address the person as a whole rather than just the substance use symptom. Most addictions stem from several fundamental problems such as trauma and mental health disorders. Accredited, long-term Dual Diagnosis facilities that provide quality clinical care and a Trauma track can help clients address these issues.

Why Does Treatment Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult illness to treat, and it’s best not to attempt to treat it without medical supervision. A qualified team with experience in addiction treatment at an accredited drug and alcohol rehab can strategically devise and execute a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual who comes in. Throughout the nation, effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment is produced by a facility that employs the following:

  • A clinical director with a master’s degree
  • Certified physicians by the American Board of Addiction Medicine
  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Treatment for underlying mental health disorders—Dual Diagnosis track
  • Individualized, evidence-based treatment with a licensed addictions counselor

Statistics show that regardless of the addiction, the longer an individual stays in treatment the higher the chances are that the individual achieves lasting sobriety. The longer someone is able to treat mental health illness and relapse prevention, the more practice he or she has with coping skills and managing stress that usually leads him or her to use. It is important to understand that the success of treatment depends on more than just abstinence.

There’s no such thing as too much help!

Twelve step fellowships can be a vital component in helping individuals grow in recovery after treatment. However, they are not a substitute for professional care. A medical detox when necessary, followed by a treatment stay has been proven to offer the greatest chance for success. Our view is that there is no such thing as too much help for your problem, only not enough.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

All About Recovery works with most major insurance providers. What is covered depends on your specific policy. We can verify your benefits for you right over the phone and let you know more about what your coverage may do for you. Insurance verification is simple and does not obligate you to anything. Your Admissions Coordinator will be able to tell you more. Our policy is to never impose any undo financial hardship upon our clients or their families. We also offer very reasonable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance.

The success rates we see amongst our alumni at All About Recovery far exceeds national success rates. Our strong program including relapse prevention, relationship and family counseling, 12-step program integration, and urine analysis accountability give our clients the best shot at life-long sobriety. Call us today, we can’t wait to help you learn a new way of life.

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