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Buprenorphine Detox

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What to Do if You Become Addicted to Suboxone

Buprenorphine is a potent medication that is intended to help users with opioid and heroin addiction experience fewer symptoms of withdrawal and less intense cravings. It is most often found under the brand names Subutex and Suboxone.

This type of medication-assisted therapy (MAT) has demonstrated a high rate of effectiveness and is the first of its class to be dispensed at regular physicians’ offices. However, the increased availability of this drug in conjunction with the spike in the opioid epidemic has certainly put a lot of these pills into circulation.

Cause for concern is in order because this drug carries a high affinity for addiction. Often times the opiate-addicted patient that started on this medication in the first place, ends up “trading one addiction for another” by becoming hooked on Suboxone instead. Because of this vicious cycle – many people come to us today for buprenorphine detox treatment.

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Don’t Attempt “Cold Turkey” with Suboxone

If you or someone you know is currently using buprenorphine as part of a treatment program, consult the prescribing physician prior to stopping the medication abruptly.

Because of the way this drug works on the body, to stop taking it suddenly can cause severe medical problems. Therefore, the prescribing doctor must safely adjust the dose and wean the patient off.

Buprenorphine Detox

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Making it Through Buprenorphine Withdrawal and Detox

Because this medication works in a way quite similar to opioids, the drug detoxification of buprenorphine mimics the withdrawal side effects of heroin and painkillers. Each patient will have their own unique course of medical detox, depending on how long and how much they used. The following are typical buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Flu-like symptoms (i.e. fever, chills, body aches)
  • Extreme fatigue

What to Expect During Buprenorphine Detox

Side effects from suboxone withdrawal typically peak at their worst three days after the use was discontinued. Even a week later, often patients still report the sensation of body aches and pains and insomnia or fatigue. Furthermore, depression and a general sense of melancholy can accompany some patients even a month following buprenorphine detox.

This is why a safe medical detox from Buprenorphine is so important. At All About Recovery, we provide professional care in which a physician will follow your progress and treat buprenorphine withdrawal symptoms as needed. Call our South Florida drug treatment center for help today at (888) 712-8480.


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