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Drug Rehab

All About Recovery’s South Florida drug treatment center offers help for addiction to drugs and alcohol for every client that walks through our doors. There is no cure-all magic pill for addiction. If there were, the need for treatment would not be so blatantly evident. We know that addiction is different for each individual because not everyone has the same addiction experience. Because addiction is different in each case and there is no one treatment plan to cure all addiction, we also believe in an individual approach to treatment to best meet everyone’s needs.


All About Recovery understands that rehab is only just the beginning of recovery, and a long-term recovery care plan is essential. The more time a person can devote to their recovery, the better chance they have of sustaining it. We begin working on our client’s aftercare plans for recovery as soon as we begin working together. We take into account the client’s individual circumstances and personal life so that we create a realistic care plan they can follow while re-integrating back into living life, sober.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and All About Recovery is a vigorous treatment program designed to help an addict sober up and learn to live in recovery. Intensive treatment is important in the beginning of recovery because it keeps addiction on the forefront of an addict’s mind. Additionally, they will go through group and individual therapy daily to address their needs and concerns as they arise. We understand how crucial those first few days and weeks of recovery are, and our dedicated staff is equipped to deal with all of the hurdles that may come up. Each client is treated individually and a specific course of treatment is built just for them.


At All About Recovery, we recognize that sometimes life cannot be put on hold in order to go to rehab full-time. While ideally, everyone would go full time, our outpatient program offers a safe place for people to come for counseling and therapy while they continue going about some of their regular daily routines. This option is great for people who have a stable support system at home and may have attended residential rehab or an intensive outpatient treatment just prior. To many, this is considered the next step in an aftercare treatment plan.

Family Programs

The effects of addiction have an impact on everyone in an addict’s life, especially family. At All About Recovery, we know addiction is a family disease and it isn’t only the addict that needs help getting through the mess of addiction and into recovery. Our family recovery program offers support to every member of an addict’s family. Family members of people in addiction suffer through turmoil, pain, fear, and sadness while watching their loved one suffer. They may also feel a deep sense of mistrust and anger towards the person. Part of healing the addicted person is healing the family so that feelings of resentment don’t carry over into recovery.

Addiction Therapy

One of the primary parts of the drug treatment programs at All About Recovery is therapy. Clients spend the majority of their day in various kinds of therapy, both group and individual, intended to bring light to issues and figure out how to process things in the future, once treatment is over. At All About Recovery, our goal is to get people enrolled in the programs to recognize their consequential behaviors and thought patterns that have led them to drugs and alcohol in the past. By creating this recognition, our hope is that our clients will pay attention to them in the future and prevent relapse by being conscious of their decision making.

Sober Living

Sober living is an important part of the recovery process because it allows addicts to live in a safe and supported environment while they heal. It can be a challenge for a recovering addict to return back to their old home where they previously drank or got high without relapsing. Our men and women-specific Palm Beach sober living programs offer a clean, safe place for people to live with their peers and re-integrate into regular life, sober.


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