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Painkiller Addiction

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Zero Motivation. Widespread Pain. Just Another Day When You Have A Painkiller Addiction

Perhaps you are suffering from a painkiller addiction. Or, maybe it’s someone you know that is dealing with this powerful addiction. Either way – try put yourself in the shoes of someone who is addicted to pain pills. You wake up in the morning and have no painkillers to take. Withdrawal symptoms are already present are becoming more obvious as your eyes open for the day.

Your entire body aches – from head to toe. Every little sensation hurts so bad you feel it in your bones. Even just walking into the next room evokes miserable body aches and all you want to do is go back to the bed. You have zero motivation. The only thing that could probably get you moving for the day is to go on a quest for painkillers. A never ending quest. Day after day after day. A quest that leaves you feeling more empty at the end of each day, regardless whether you score or not.

For those who suffer from a painkiller addiction – this is a typical day. Paradoxically, even patients that did not have pain when they started abusing pain medication, will experience moderate to severe pain in the absence of the substance after physical dependency has been established. Furthermore, there are also those patients that started taking pain pills to treat legitimate pain, but wound up addicted and dependent on the drugs. If these patients are experiencing a chronic type of pain – the severity of pain will be more intense in the absence of medications after they have become hooked. It’s no way to live a life.

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Hooked on Painkillers? You’re Not Alone

Pills to treat pain are by far the most commonly abused prescription drug. The epidemic of painkiller addiction is through the roof in the United States. Experts estimate that about 4.2 million Americans are currently addicted to pain pills. Furthermore, more than 15,000 Americans died in 2015 from painkiller related overdoses. Let those numbers sink in for a minute.

The sheer magnitude of the pain pill epidemic makes this the worst addiction threat Americans face. Hundreds of lives are affected every single day. Strong physical and mental dependency can develop quickly following the first use of painkillers. Because of the intense cravings, addicts are inclined to do almost anything to get relief from the intense withdrawal effects. They might lie, steal, and manipulate those around them to somehow obtain the drug they desire.

Painkiller Addiction

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More Than Painkiller Treatment – Life-Saving Intervention

Pain pills work by binding to pain receptors in the spinal cord and brain. Because they are all opiates, the family of painkilling prescription drugs mirror the effects and addictive properties of heroin. In fact, those in the medical and prevention communities consider pain pills a legal form of heroin. Medications that are considered opioid painkillers include:

  • Fentanyl
  • OxyContin
  • Morphine
  • Vicodin
  • Dolophine
  • Percocet
  • Tramadol

Mortality rates for those who are addicted to these drugs are notoriously high, therefore rehab for painkillers is more than just typical drug treatment. It can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Non-Medical Withdrawal is Dangerous – Don’t Try it at Home!

Because users develop such an intense physical dependency on pain pills, to remove this substance and undergo an opioid withdrawal on your own can be very dangerous. Rehab for painkillers at All About Recovery provides the supervision and treatment of a licensed physician trained in medical detox.

Work with us. With our customized holistic rehabilitation program, you can achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Don’t allow this painkiller addiction to wreak havoc on your life. Call us today at (888) 712-8480.


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