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Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamine Addiction is a Dangerous Threat to America

Because the use of opioids and the resulting fatalities are at record highs in the United States, the focus on other drug problems, such as meth and cocaine has faded. However, just because this issue is not receiving much attention, does not mean it has gone away. Not by a long shot! Meth addiction is still a major problem for communities nationwide.

Amphetamines are a class of stimulants which are prescribed for the treatment of attention deficit disorders in children and adults. Methamphetamine is a form of these stimulants that can be cooked up in homemade laboratories and is created with the active ingredient, pseudoephedrine, commonly found in the over-the-counter cold medication, Sudafed.

As a result of the widespread homemade-manufacturing of methamphetamine, supermarkets and pharmacies have implemented stricter regulations and limits regarding the sale of medications that include pseudoephedrine.

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Heart Attack. Multi-Organ Failure. Meth Abuse is Beyond Dangerous

Heavy abuse of methamphetamine is associated with an extremely high risk for medical emergencies and even death.

Patients have been known to become highly agitated and aggressive under a strong methamphetamine high. Other physical and emotional signs that someone is using meth include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dilated pupils
  • Elevated temperature
  • Increase physical activity
  • Heavy sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Irritability and agitation

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Meth Addiction

How We Treat Methamphetamine Addiction

At All About Recovery, our treatment for meth addiction involves a holistic approach that includes a safe medical detox and intensive drug rehab therapy. Both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms are likely, and a supervised medical detox makes the process as safe and comfortable as possible.

Rehab therapy at All About Recovery involves traditional drug treatment programs with group counseling, individual therapy, aftercare, and the like – but with the inclusion of creative arts. Music, dance, videography, photography, and art therapies are incorporated into our programs to give people a way to cope with the emotional side of their substance abuse disorder.

Give Up Meth Addiction for Good

We are committed to your methamphetamine recovery. Together, we can work towards your long-term goals and sobriety.

Holistic therapies and modern approaches to drug treatment are proven to be the most effective in terms of long-term success. This is exactly why we emphasize the potential of the creative art programs we use in our overall drug rehabilitation.

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