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Why Choose a Gender Specific Women’s Sober Living House?

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Our Women's Sober Living Houses in Florida After an individual has completed our initial treatment program, she will transition into a gender specific halfway house at one of our Florida women's sober living facilities. Sober living environments were initially designed to allow clients to successfully transition back into everyday living, learning to cope with day-to-day [...]

The Benefits of Women Addiction Recovery Programs

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Women Addiction Recovery Program Addiction never discriminates by gender, and each sex is subject to the same pains and horrors that any other addict is. Yet, despite this fact, very few women actually seek the help they need. Even fewer attend a gender-specific women addiction recovery programs which often proves the most beneficial to them. Here [...]

What to Know about Men’s Sober Living Houses

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Florida Men's Sober Living Houses The philosophy that guides our gender specific addiction treatment program here at All About Recovery, Inc. does not end when you graduate. The next step is men's sober living. If you have successfully completed our comprehensive addiction treatment process, then you will have likely benefited from all the advantages that [...]

Your Guide to Men’s Outpatient Rehab

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Florida Men's Outpatient Drug Rehab Part and parcel with the gender specific treatment we provide here at All About Recovery is our Florida out patient programs for men. These include both traditional men's outpatient rehab (OP) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for male addicts . At our OP and IOP programs, located in beautiful Royal [...]

Women’s Outpatient Treatment: Your Aftercare Strategy

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Our Florida Women's Outpatient Treatment Program After a woman completes an extended stay at a gender-specific inpatient treatment facility, she will make a transition into a sober living facility or halfway house. In most instances, they will continue with treatment, attending a women's outpatient rehab program between 3 and 5 times per week. This gives [...]

Why Gender Specific Men’s Drug Rehab?

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Men's Drug Rehab Program Though gender specific men's drug rehab programs are a relatively new trend in the addiction treatment field, All About Recovery Inc. has always believed that male addicts deserve their own personalized care. Highly authoritative studies have long concluded that substance abuse and dependence are more prevalent among men. Though we [...]

Tips on Affordable Rehab

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To live a sober life, addiction treatment is necessary for many people. But it is also an expensive treatment, which many cannot afford. Those are addicted to drugs or alcohol, lose many things such as their relationships, jobs, and of course money. So without a job for money and insurance, how do people pay for [...]

Supplemental Treatment Methods

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Rehab is great, and often essential - but it is not all-inclusive. Inpatient drug rehab offers intensive therapy to clients, and introduces them to a healthy way of processing feelings and emotions. It works to instill effective coping mechanisms and set a solid foundation for lasting and meaningful sobriety. However, the therapy offered by most [...]

Drug Rehab Programs

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Choosing the right inpatient treatment facility for you can be difficult, considering there are so many specialty drug rehab programs to choose from. From rehabs that specialize in holistic therapy to adolescent and gender-specific programs, the list of available options may overwhelm you. Don’t let it! Finding the right program for you can be done [...]