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Enabling Your Loved One To Death

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The brutal shockwaves of having an addicted family member can be felt through generations. We know first hand how difficult it can be -- mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially for parents, spouses and adult children of alcoholics/addicts. Almost every mom has been told she is enabling the addict in her life. Is it enabling or [...]

Family Roles in Addiction: Are You Enabling?

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Addiction is a Family Disease The stress that comes from having an addicted family member can sometimes feel insurmountable. While the surface problem seems to be presenting itself in the form of one family members addiction or alcoholism, all the different family roles in addiction contribute to the continuation of the disease. Family members [...]

For the Family: Types of Drug Interventions

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Types of Drug Interventions There are many basic drug intervention options and different pre-planned routes for a family, friend or employer to take in approaching someone to get professional help. Drug interventions can be challenging—nobody likes confrontation. Approaching any touchy subject can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to finally turn someone’s life around. [...]