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What You Can Expect at Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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When a person is first thinking about going to outpatient addiction treatment, there are plenty of questions about what to expect. Sometimes the number of questions is so overwhelming that people actually decide not to go. Well, addiction treatment is the best thing you can decide to do for yourself, and it isn’t worthwhile to let a few unanswered questions get in your way! After all, stepping into the unknown is where people learn to grow, and you need to do something different in order to change old and destructive habits.

What Outpatient Addiction Treatment is Like

In outpatient addiction treatment, there are varying degrees of care. Some clients may come for nine hours, while others may come full-time, the equivalent of a work week. No matter how much time you are spending in treatment, the activities you will be partaking in will be similar. Here are some things you can expect when you attend outpatient treatment.

Always remember, the more time you can dedicate towards your well-being, the better chance you will have at successful recovery.

  • Upon admission, you will go through an extensive exam of your medical and psychological well being. This is to create a baseline for your treatment and to diagnose any underlying medical and psychological conditions.
  • You will meet with a doctor once a week or as needed to assess any medication you may be taking, how it is affecting you, and to determine whether it needs to be modified. Medication may be for a variety of things including the treatment and detox of your addiction, medical issues, and psychological issues.
  • You will meet individually with your therapist once a week or as needed to discuss issues that are personal to you on a deeper level or something you may not be comfortable bringing up in a group setting.
  • You will spend most of your day in various group activities, including:
    • Process group. Each day, you will come together with a small group of peers to discuss ongoing issues. A therapist is on-hand to help facilitate the conversation and make sure that cross-talk is kept at a minimum.
    • Specified groups. These groups deal with everything from trauma to grief handling and will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.
    • Educational groups. These groups exist to teach clients things varying from meditation to how the brain works.
    • Holistic group activities. From yoga and tai-chi to massage, some activities are focused on holistic approaches to bettering the body.
    • Creative therapy. From art to writing, these groups help clients learn to channel their focus into the present and offer an outlet for feelings and thoughts that remain bottled up.

If you have any more questions about outpatient addiction treatment, call one of our staff members at 888-712-8480. They will be happy to answer you and let you know what the best options are for you to get on the road to recovery.

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